I'm Nicole: a wife, mother, friend, artist, runner, and a Spiritual Guide.  I've had a number of profound spiritual experiences that started when I was an adolescent.   I am convinced these connections were the building blocks into my psychic journey.  Although I had the desire to learn more about my intuition, I allowed life to pull me in many directions.  After the birth of my daughter, I released my fears about the Spirit World and opened my heart to recieve this God-given gift.  Immediately my life began to change for the better.  As I became more enlightened, I found that through spiritual guidance I was able to help others find the answer(s) they've been seeking.  Moreover, they find the connection once again with their TRUE selves.



My life's purpose is to help you find happiness, in whatever form suites you best.  I do this by speaking with you on a soul level.  I receive messages in the form of seeing, feeling, knowing, and hearing.  These insights are impressed upon me and I share them with you as I perceive them.  This guidance comes from a place of love, which is sent to me via your Higher Self, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, and other beings of light.


I provide intuitive advice regarding love, relationships, family, finances, and career.  Additionally, I help heal past and present pain, clear auras and chakras, receive messages from loved ones who have passed, perform house healings, and teach motivated individuals how to develop thier own spiritual gifts.  Every person is unique, as is every question. 


Sending you all love and light,





"It's no coincidence you're reading this,

I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

- Nicole

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