House Healings is a fancy term I use for cleaning the energy of your home.  I find it to

be more universally understood to use the term House Healing. 


So let's get down to the facts!  The energy of your home is very important, it effects all

aspects of your life.  This is a place where you unwind, decompress, sleep, spend time

with family, and get rejuvenated. 


If you are experiencing the following in your home then I suggest it's time for a House

 Healing: Spirit activity, ghosts or apparitions, temperature changes, feeling uneasy or

scared to sleep, noticing a negative shift in your families moods in the home, or

unexplained situations.  There are a number of life circumstances which cause the

above mentioned to occur:

  • You recently moved into either an older home or a newly built home

  • Major life changes have recently occurred which are emotionally charged

  • Traumas, divorces, births, or deaths may have occurred in the home previously

  • Construction on the home

  • The land your home is built on could be sacred

  • You are stepping into your own spiritual awakening 


A House Healing takes me around 30 - 60 minutes to complete, depending on the circumstances.  I will be looking clairvoyantly at the energy in your home and how it impacts the individuals living inside.  Generally I begin by scanning each room of the house, then read the aura and energy field surrounding the home, and finally, I clear the space.  I have a number of tools I bring with me for the clearing process.  This will be a very interactive experience and I ask that all residents affected by the energy be present for the House Healing.  Having a House Healing brings positive energy back into your space as well as empowers and enlightens. .While some psychics prefer to do House Healings at a distance, I only perform them in person.  This way I can work on clearing your personal space with you present.  This service is only performed in Lawton, Oklahoma.  Please feel free to contact me about traveling to nearby citites.  Whatever your specific reasoning, I am here to help. 




"It's no coincidence you're reading this,

I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

- Nicole

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