Are you interested in learning about your own spiritual gifts?  If you are highly motivated and want to know how to connect with Spirit, read for others professionally, or sharpen your psychic skills then this is the class for you!  I believe we all have a natural ability to communicate with Spirit easy and effortlessly.  So, if you're feeling compelled to awaken your connection with the Spirit world I am here to assist you.  I personally teach each class and will work one on one with you while you develop your intuitive skills.  Each lesson can be tailored to your specific needs, because of this I am able to pinpoint what areas of psychic training will work best for you in your development!  Listed below are a few areas of psychic training I currently cover:
  • Practice meditations to help your intuitive awareness blossom
  • Work on healing and clearing your aura, as well as others
  • Engage in in-depth conversations with me about metaphysical topics
  • Learn visualization tools that will help you communicate with Spirit
  • Practice releasing energy
  • Learn how to manifest your desires
  • Communicate with your Spirit Guides and establish a calling card
  • Learn to bring back and balance your energy
  • Clearly connect with deceased loved ones
  • Read the energy of yourself and others
  • Distinguish between different Spirit energies
  • ... and much more!
This training is offered over the phone or on Skype.  All it takes is a joyful
desire to enhance your natural abilities; the results will amaze you! 
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"It's no coincidence you're reading this,

I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

- Nicole

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