Got a Ghost? Find Out Why Your House is Haunted

Are you curious to know if your home is haunted by a ghost, spirit or deceased loved one?

Have you experienced doors suddenly closing, objects moving on their own, random temperature changes, visual apparitions, lights flickering, unexplained sounds, voices or even a physical touch?

If so, these occurrences could indicate you have a spirit – wanted or unwanted - in your house.

But some may ask, “Why are these Spirits here and why have they chosen to stay in my home?”

While there could be a number of factors as to why your home is haunted, below is a list of indicators why this can occur:

  • You are undergoing construction on the home

  • Your home is built on sacred land

  • You are stepping into your own spiritual awakening

  • You have recently moved into an older home or a newly built home

  • Major life changes have taken place, which are emotionally charged such as Traumas, divorces, birthS, or deaths

Now that you know some of the causes that have left your home feeling disrupted, there are a few things you can do to clear the space.

1) Purchase some dried white sage and smudge the residence. In the video below I explain how to smudge a person, place or thing.

2) Call in a priest, pastor or minister to clear your home. Depending on your religious preferences, this may be the best option for you. This task is usually handled with the practice of prayer and sprinkling of water that has been blessed.

3) Hire an experienced intuitive for a House Healing. Make sure you do your research and find a professional, someone that you feel will help clear the situation. Generally, a clairvoyant can look at your home using their psychic senses and pick up who is in your home and why.

4) Raise the vibration of your home. You can do this by adding white colored décor to your home, burning fragrant candles, playing calming serene music and/or clearing out old clutter that is no longer needed.

Some may ask, “Why bother the spirits? Why not just let them roam the property freely?”

Honestly, I believe it’s a personal choice whether or not you want the energy of another to linger in your personal space. For me, I find it works best to regularly clear my space. Ensuring the energy of your home remains clean is imperative because it can affect many aspects of life. Your home is intended to be a sacred space; it is a place where you unwind, decompress, sleep, spend time with family and get rejuvenated.

Another key point to recognize is that your mental state can also play a part in the allowing of unwanted Spirits in your home. So, it’s important to remember the energy you carry around - in your mind or auric field - can have a direct correlation to your residence.

Whether you want to banish your spirit visitor or just raise the energy level of your home, it is best to find tricks and tools that work best for YOU. The purpose of clearing your haunted house is to bring positive energy back into your space so you feel more empowered, enlightened, and safe. So, go ahead, TAKE ACTION steps for you and your home!

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"It's no coincidence you're reading this,

I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

- Nicole

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