Are You Psychic? 10 Telltale Signs to Help You Decide!

Chances are, if you’ve found yourself reading this blog post, there’s a large possibility you are interested in the existence of your own psychic abilities.

Everyone, and I mean each and every one of us, has natural intuitive abilities—those unexplained “gut feelings” that something is about to occur, or that someone might not have your best interest at heart. More often than not, those sixth sense situations are like a flashing red light from Spirit letting you know your intuition is speaking to you.

Psychic abilities can and do present themselves in everyday situations, and often in ways we may not even recognize. In fact, I’ve spoken with and met many individuals who were highly intuitive and completely unaware. After seeing the signs for myself and in others I decided to comprise a list of 10 signs that you or someone you know just may be psychic:

1. You just know. Have you ever heard the phone ring, or a text come through, and without a doubt known immediately who it was on the other end before seeing the evidence? Although this appears to be a simple prediction— it’s actually not!

2. Your dreams mean something. Whether your dreams suddenly make perfect sense after something in your waking life occurs, or when you experience some serious déjà vu, having clear message-filled dreams are strong indications you are intuitive.

3.You know what people are thinking. Telepathy, or mind-transference, is the communication of thoughts or ideas through methods other than the standard five senses. Do you ever talk to someone, only to know almost exactly what they’re about to say before they say anything? Maybe you just know them well, but maybe it’s BIGGER than that; chances are you are using psychic abilities to tune into their thoughts!

4.You are super in tune with animals.

I believe animals are the most intuitive Beings alive; their uncanny ability to sense danger and give unconditional love is unmatched. If you notice all types of animals are drawn to you and trust you this could mean even the animal world is aware of your intuition.

<--- Pictured here is my sweet German Shepherd named Cash!

5.You can sense people’s history. Have you ever met someone and been almost certain about something in their past right off the bat? Then later you find out that your hunch was correct, this too is a psychic ability!

6.You know what people are feeling. My mom always referred to this as her “mother’s intuition.” When something was wrong, I was feeling mad, hurt, or scared, she always seemed to know. To this day, if something happens, before I have the chance to call her for reassurance, my phone rings. I’ll give you one guess as to who’s calling! If you’ve ever sensed that your child, spouse, or friend is in trouble with no sign or knowledge, there’s a good chance it’s your intuition calling!

7.You see lights and orbs around people. Often times a highly sensitive psychic will see lights (the aura) around an individual’s heads or orbs floating around as well. If you are seeing a gamut of different colors around others, and you’ve already had your eyes checked, chances are these lights could mean you are picking up on their energy field.

8.Your “gut feeling” is spot on. If you’re anything like me, your first impressions are all you need. Picture walking into a group event or party, immediately after entering the establishment you sense that you either want to stay or would prefer to go. If you have the ability to sense if something is off, and are later validated by these feelings, then chances are you're connecting with your inner knowingness.

9. You are sensitive to the field of energy. Can you sense hot or cold temperature changes in an empty room, especially when the heat or air is turned off? Are you able to feel into the sudden changes in the atmosphere when you're in a vacant or occupied space? If so, your psychic senses could be picking up on Spirit activity.

10.You experience Spirit signs. Paying attention to the subtle signs is imperative; however it can be the easiest to ignore. When you experience the same thing (such as a sequence of numbers, repeating sounds, or seeing duplicate objects) appearing in your life these may be signs from the Spirit World.

Remember, even if you think your intuition is non-existent, there are plenty of telltale signs you have psychic abilities. Just because you can’t predict the future today doesn’t mean you can’t become a strong intuitive soon.

The Spirit World connects with us on a very subtle level and if you are curious about spirit communication it's important to be keenly aware of the potential signs that appear in your life. Paying attention to symbols from Spirit is a necessity if you want to expand your intuitive awareness. If you are interested in kick-starting your psychic abilities I offer one-on-one training to help you awaken and explore your abilities.

<--- Click on this image to learn more about one-on-one psychic training with me.

There you have it, my list of 10 signs to help YOU decide if you are psychic. If you are starting to explore your psychic abilities, WELCOME! I want to inspire you right now... by reminding you that you're a spiritual Being at your core and using intuition is FUN! So here's to ease, playfulness, and untapped discovery while you learn what your natural intuition is all about.

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"It's no coincidence you're reading this,

I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

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