Which Chakra Color Resonates with Your Soul?

Ever been asked the oh-so common question, What is your favorite color”?

Just an assumption here, but I’m guessing you offered up the color you felt most connected too, like pink, yellow, turquoise, or maybe blue.

But have you ever understood why you were so drawn to that specific color? Well, you’re in luck; this blog post is going to cover all of your colorful curiosity today!

But first, I wanted to share that I too have been asked this question (more times that I can count) and my response has always been the same... PURPLE!

Without knowing why, I have always felt connected to the pretty violet hue. In fact, I was so in love with the color that throughout my youth I dreamt of owning a purple Mustang, I slept in purple sheets, and adorned my eyelids with sparkly purple eye shadow.

Fast forward fifteen years and I still have a love for the lavender shade; however, my appreciation has mildly toned down.


A few years ago I spent a considerable amount of time working with the chakras and learning - from an energetic perspective - what each chakra center represented and how the colors correlated with each point. I now see why certain individuals are drawn to specific colors and why I have always been drawn to the color purple.

Purple represents the energy of someone who is sensitive, spiritual, playful, and connected to the “other side.” It can also mean someone who is mysterious, moody, and has the ability to reroute one’s self from dark energy. I definitely agree that this color sums me up pretty well.

With all that being said, what color do you feel connected and/or drawn to? Go ahead, ask yourself. See whatever comes up for you...

After you are certain, use the guide below to discover what the energy of that color could possibly mean for you:

Red: passion, strength, survival, career, action, & independence

Orange: creativity, sexuality, celebration, opportunity, joy, & justice

Yellow: intelligence, memories, sense of power, sunshine, & a positive attitude

Pink: love, caring, friendships, nurturing, femininity, & maturity

Green: growth, good fortune, earthy, success, & jealousy

Blue: water, communication, truth, forgiveness, & listening

Indigo: third eye, focus, good fortune, clarity, & a visionary

Purple: spiritual power, third eye, breaking habits, & driving away evil

White: spirituality, calmness, kindness, visions, & honesty

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I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

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