"My reading was spot-on. Nicole identified key things about me very quickly and she knew exactly what to focus on for a healing exercise. I have felt better ever since. Best of all, she connected with my father who passed away a few years ago. She described him perfectly and it was definitely his words coming through in the reading. Thanks again!!"


- Nola

"I had been praying for days that God would give me answers to help with a problem I was having.  I decided to call Nicole, she had great suggestions about how to resolve the situation.  Before the session I felt angry, stressed, and worried but afterwards I was calm and relaxed.  Nicole has a way of making you feel comfortable.  She is truly gifted and I was amazed at how accurate she was!" 


- Melissa Brown

"I recommend Nicole as a medium and as a spiritual guide.  She provided me a great deal of useful insight and direction in my first reading.  Her observations were consistent with both my intution about myself and the observations of other mediums.  She is both spiritual and yet able to give concrete directions of steps to take to improve one's own spiritual development.   You won't be disappointed."

- John Knight, JD, MPA, MS

"I just wanted to thank you again for your time and gift.  I can't tell you how happy I feel after speaking with you and doing the guided meditation.  I am super energized and will continue to use the method you taught me.  The music you suggested is incredible and once I heard it I jumped for joy!  Also, it was amazing to hear from my Uncle who recently passed and learn about my Spirit Guide.  I feel clear.  I feel strong."


-Michael Turner - World Traveler




"Nicole is accurate, compassionate, and open in regards to all of my questions.  I work as a case manager and handle a high case load.  My job is stressful as I deal with mentally ill adults and at risk youth.  She is efficent at picking up emotional distress and gives helpful tools and information to manage this type of working environment.  I would suggest having a reading for yourself!"


- R.M. United States



"I love Nicole's readings, they are amazing!  Nicole is truly a gifted clairvoyant, psychic medium.  Her genuine sweet and caring nature immediately comes through and I always feel safe and that I am in good hands.  Nicole is thorough and persistent about getting answers and giving the guidance I came for.  She is always able to share meaningful insight and clarity to the questions I have and often before I even ask them!  I always feel better after having a reading with Nicole.  Thank you, you're the best."


- Nikki Gross Napa, CA

"I have had many readings by many people, however Nicole is by far one of the most gifted psychic mediums I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The information she provided in the reading today was specific, clear, and accurate, not to mention helpful. Her energy is peaceful and full of positivity. It is obvious that her connection is strong! Thank you and I can't wait until next time!"


-Jessica Moran, AL

"This was my first experience in seeking out any psychic work. I'm a very analytical & cautious person not toying with spiritual world; being raised and taught Baptist ways. So glad I went! Like other testimonies, Nicole is quite accurate in what she sees! Her compassionate nature makes it easier to hear what Angels saying. We discussed many things, and she told me the advice Angels gave her regarding my mother, my quest for love, & my gifts. I plan on seeing her again. A very sweet soul!!


- Monica Porterfield, OK




"Nicole is an amazing person. I had a reading with her, 1 of few i have had in my life time. I am not a skeptic. I fully believe! I believe in Nicole. Nicole helped me in more ways than i know how to put into words. The world needs to know how amazing she is. Her accuracy was unbelievable."


- Christine Moore, OK



"Nicole was such a blessing to talk to!  My life had been unbalanced and she was able to tap into me without me even saying a word.  With her uncanny insight I was reminded of what I already knew in my heart but had been too busy to listen.  I got more out of Nicole's reading than I have in my therapy session.  She is true and honest and I can't wait until my next reading."


- Jennifer



"Nicole picked up on many things from a healing session I had previously had in December with another healer. If I didn't know better I would have thought her and the other healer to be the same person. She picked up on that much from the previous session and the healing that took place and her findings validated all the hard work I put into healing those places since that time. She is a wonderful and beautiful healer. I highly recommend her beautiful gifts she has to offer you. You wont be let down."


-Annie Fife

"I didn't believe in spiritual junk but I told you if you could identify my friend from high school who died, I would listen.  Well the other day while talking with you about a new job prospect you stopped me and explained that someone was trying to communicate with you about me.  You quickly nailed the details about the girl who passed, her car (style and color), where we hung out, and the friends we used to spend time with (1978-1980).  You couldn't have possibly known these details but yet you were spot on!  I called my friend (brother of the deceased) about the reading and he was blown away by your accuracy and details.  This is difficult coming from your dad but I believe in you.  YOU are very special and always will be.


- DAD 2015, WA



"Nicole came into my life in a flash, and totally unexpected, but the opportunity to get a reading from her warm and welcoming presence could not be passed up. Encompassing the ability to create a comfortable, safe setting, she allowed the reading to flow with such grace and ease - I thought I could have been talking to a best friend or sister! The information that was passed on to me, from a recently crossed over friend, will forever be cherished and treasured. Nicole, I'm beyond grateful."


-Warmest Aloha, Tiffany Wolf

"Nicole, I loved talking and working with you during our session.  YOU and your teaching style are exactly what I have been looking for.  For years!!  It's very helpful for me when you describe specific feelings and sensations I'm experiencing and what they mean.  I've needed a coach, teacher, mentor, friend like you for a long time.  Everything in it's own perfect time, right? :) I'll be working on my homework assignments until next time we talk."


- In Love and Light, Lori, CA



From the moment I picked up the phone I could feel Nicole's compassion, she is a very loving soul.  She draws you in so easily and makes you feel so comfortable.  She has amazing gifts.  She was able to channel in a way that made me feel like my loved ones were right there with me.  I will be forever greatful for the information I received.  I can't wait to find out which of my Guides or Angels had our paths cross!  Book a session with Nicole ASAP and enjoy the light and love she shares; it's an amazing experience everyone should feel.  Thank you Nicole! 

-Kristi Osterber, MN



I just had an amazing call with Nicole. I felt like I spent an hour with my mother. I didn't want to hang up. Spot on real deal. What an amazing gift!!! Thank you, thank you


- Linda Anne (Feb 10, 2017)



"Nicole is a highly gifted medium and clairvoyant.  My recent experience with her left me feeling uplifted and my questions answered.  Nicole accurately brought through my father describing his looks, personality and interests to a tee.  I felt she validated his presence with us.  She transmitted a beautiful message from him that confirmed my current life experiences and concerns.  I am grateful and blessed by her reading. 


- Robin Gamache, Port Sanilac, MI


"I received a reading from Nicole recently and was pleased.  She has a pleasant and professional manner.  She presents herself as calm and in control of deciphering the information she recieves.  She presents a positive energy and is able to share information clearly to help one hear and understand what is being presented.  Nicole is patient and takes the time to give clear information.  I would recommend Nicole without reservation to anyone seeking a reading."


- Ken Heckart



"My experience with Nicole was eye opening.  I learned some crucial facts about myself and my own capabilities.  She walked me through a healing exercise which instantly helped me feel calm and more at peace.  At the end of the session she connected with my Grandmother which was icing on the cake.  Thanks for the experience!"


- Kindra Svarda, Oklahoma

"Nicole you are a wonderful person with amazing abilities. You helped... me and my husband and we are very greatful for the guidance you gave us. i would recommend you to anyone for a reading anytime. Out of all the mediums my husband has had a reading from he said by far you are the best and would also recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much for helping us both on our path. Love and light."


- Jamie Jozwiak, NY

"I want to thank you for the timely, informative reading that you gave me yesterday. I had pressing issues and questions and they were answered and hope was given for resolution to my main problem. It was so emotional and exciting to have a visit from my Dad, and you were dead on with all the information you provided. You are truly gifted and will continue to bless people with your readings. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart."


- Nancy DeMarco, OK 

"I had a reading with Nicole...Oh MY God! She read my aura, which so described who I was it was uncanny! Then she tapped into one of my guides and gave me his description, how and why he was there to help me and how to work with him. Then she did some mediumship things, my grandmother came through. Nicole described her looks, personality and left me with a beautiful messages as to why she came through. I wold recommend Nicole, she is such a gifted individual."


- Anita McMillen, United States

"Nicole is an awesome reader. One time, my car wouldnt start. After 2 hours of it not starting, She called me & told me Angel Guide Michael said to try to starting it again and it started! I have come to Nicole many times through the toughest areas of my everyday life. She is excellent in giving advice about love & financial strategies. She has not only saved my marriage, but taught me forgiveness and how to let go of the past. Her advice now lead us to a favorable debt to income ratio. Thank you."


- Rachel LeFranc, GA

"Nicole is amazing!!! She was not just a wonderful medium, psychic, teachers, you can name it all. But she is also a wonderful friend as well!!! I felt connected to her right away on our first reading. Thank you Nicole for sharing your gift with us! You're an angel!!!"


- Kayla Nguyen, OK

"Being a Medium is one of the gifts of Father/Mother God; prophesy.  Nicole has this gift.  She not only communicated with loved ones, but my higher guides and angels.  Specifically, she picked upon things I received myself; my move to water, my book I'm writing, my own gifts of leaving my body, and one special gift told to me by Archangel Jophiel; I'm a coccoon of love. 


When I awoke this morning, I also had my own confirmation of one thing that she mentioned, a circular ripple in the water.  I saw the same thing.


It's beautiful to know how truly connected we all are, and how much love there is on the "other side", just waiting for a gifted channel to deliver it.  Thank to you Nicole!


- Diane Holycross

"It was such a pleasure to have a reading with Nicole.  I have only had a few readings before but she was spot on!  Her energy is so peaceful she made me and my loved ones she was channeling feel very comfortable and able to open up.  She has inspired me to continue working on myself and open my own spiritual gifts.  I would recommend her to all of my friends and family.  If you want an amazing experience that will leave you feeling content and at peace you need to contact Nicole for a reading or teaching!  Thank you again Nicole."


- Cynthia Calnan Annotti, CA

"Dear Nicole, I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you for our session today. I have had a tough few days over the last week where I've been feeling so low and you really helped me to feel more positive about my future. You exude kindness and warmth and I really needed it today. Your ability to pick up on what I was feeling and validate that I'm not completely crazy was very comforting but most of all, your generosity with your time and healing ability was incredibly touching and appreciated. You are a remarkable person and I wanted to let you know that you made a huge difference in my life today. Words can't express how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and I hope that the love and light you share with others comes back to you tenfold!"


- Sindy M, Trinidad and Tobago 

Nicole is an excellent clairvoyant and medium and I highly recommend her as a reader and healer.  She is so clear in her intuitive perception and communication and just spot on about so many things.  I've been very impressed with her accuracy, and her high ethical standards are impeccable.  She's also genuinely loving, nice, and a highly intelligent person.   

-Debra Lynne Katz, Author of "You Are Psychic", "Extraordinary Psychic", & "Freeing the Genie Within."



"Nicole, Thank you so much for today's reading! It gave me a lot of encouragement and clarity on what my focus should be.  I know you sensed the place I'm in and that I really needed it - you are wonderful!"


- Warm Regards, Deborah T.

Nicole is Great! I have had readings before but the time I have spent with Nicole has been amazing! I will continue working on myself with her in the future. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. If you want a unbelievable experience that will leave you feeling happy and complete you need to contact Nicole!

- Diedre K. OK





Wow! Nicole is everything that the other reviews have stated and more. She is extremely gifted and connected, but the biggest gift of all is her compassion & passion for what she does. She is the first Psychic that I have spoken with that I could feel her excitement about what she was saying to me. Nicole has a wonderful heart and loves helping. I highly recommend her to anyone at any level searching for answers. She is the best Psychic in the area. Thanks Nicole!

-Rebecca R. OK 





Had the most awesome reading today. You are full of light and have a bubbly spirit! You were right on with everything that you said. The best reading EVER! Thank you so much, you brought tears to my eyes several times. Good tears though.... : ) Nicole, you really have a special gift!

- Cindy Greer Ralston (May 27, 2016)





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- Nicole

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