Team Psychic Reading and Healing with The Soulful Psychics™

Enjoy a 80 minute psychic reading and healing from two amazing clairvoyants at the same time; these readings are quite unique and very powerful.

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Serving clients within the United States and Internationally.

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Prices are Per Person (USD):  $250

Nicole and Nikki are a force to be reckoned with!  Their ability to tune in and connect with higher beings is a power that is truly outside this world.  This was my first psychic reading and healing session.  OMG, accurate, and the most emotionally moving experience.  Truly phenomenal!  The colors aligned with my life events.  I received great insight, and will hold all messages near and dear to my heart.  The chakra cleanse was the best.  I felt so renewed, rejuvinated, and healed.  That night I slept so peacefully, and have had a TON of extra energy.  These women are truly gifted, and I would recommend this to anyone who holds stress, is in a challenging time, or just needs guidance.


-Rachelle Miller 

"It's no coincidence you're reading this,

I'm certain Spirit has a hand in it!"

- Nicole

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